Activities of Swami Vivekananda Gramonnayan Kendra (Punia Taruntirtha Club) 

Inspiring folk culture

We always say that the poorest of poor of our society can change their fate only by educating their children. The very truth in this statement can be understood by reading newspapers and by following different media in this media savvy age but it can only be realized by going and observing such a society from its heart. An interior village where facility of education is only restricted by mere presence of government schools, that mainly busy in serving midday meals. In these societies literacy might be barely possible but so called all round education, even hints of it is also a distant dream. When a good student from such places gets educated, mostly they know all about facts available in the books. To add to this misery easy accessibility of Facebook and likes took away all chances of getting some extra life skills from folk arts also now disappeared. Punia Taruntirtha Club took responsibility of giving stage  for last 14 years to these village kids to improve their personality, to encourage their possibility of being better fit to the educated society.

Motivating students through small time scholarship

From 2004 on an educated village boy started a small time scholarship program (Satyendra Smriti Samman) for the meritorious students of the village (Rs 1000 each and a silver medal) both for 10th, 12th and primary grade students.

Donation of Sarees to Widows

From 2012 on we have started donating one Saree each to needy village widows sponsored by another kind villager (Dharanidhar Mandal Smriti Bostro Bitoron)

Blood Donation Camp

As West Bengal is prone to Thalasemia in addition to normal requirement of blood there are lots of Thalasemic kids live on regular blood transfusion. PTC started it’s regular blood donation camp from the year 2012. On an average we collect ~100 bags of blood in that occasion

Publishing Little Magazine

To encourage expression of thoughts and creativity PTC publishing a yearly magazine named METHOPOTH (farm roads) from last four years

Organizing Marathon

Disease like diabetes and obesity are rampant all around India and villages are no exception either. Along with these life style diseases villagers also suffer from various in-sanitation related diseases too due to open defecation and lack of knowledge related to sanitation.


Spiritual Lecture Series

Spirituality among folks is diminishing day by day. As a result, moral standard of people are also compromising big time resulting in increasing intolerance of religion, cast, sex and so on. PTC decided to organize spiritual lecture series conveying truth from different religion. Mr. Rabindranatha Biswas sponsored a spiritual lecture (Sisir Biswas Smriti spiritual lecture series) from last year.

Swami Vivekananda Gramin Computer Shaksarata Kendra (Computer literacy Center for kids)

Sponsored by Aurigene the compute center started on July 2015 at Punia keeping basic computer literacy as objective. The courses offered here is mainly to give opportunity of touching and feeling the wonderful instrument called computer to those kids who have never got an opportunity to touch them. It also offers basic learning on MS Office, MS paint etc while making them aware of different functions of common hard ware and soft ware. Slowly they graduated to the CBSE curriculum till 4th standard Call to Action