Who we are

A team that loves to help

Punia Taruntirtha Club is a very simple village club by a group of boys from farming background. Though we are poor we like to do something for the society. Main aim is to improve society by popularizing education and traditional folk culture.

In the year 2000 West Bengal encountered a devastating flood in which there were huge loss of lives and public properties. The flood relief came from different organization was inadequate and didn’t reach the interior villages. Khargram block of Murshidabad was one of the worst hits where villages like Punia was situated. Though Punia’s farm lands were submerged the village was spared. Watching misery of surrounding villages a group of youth, most of them are school drop outs, decided to collect food grains from villagers reached flood hit people of surrounding villages with cooked foods daring knee-dip and west-deep water. They supplied numerous number of people with hot meals in their food-less and home-less conditions  over a period of fourteen days. In this process they discovered the joy of giving. This is how Punia Taruntirtha Club took it’s natural birth. From then on they continued this association through different village-development activities in their limited economic capacity.



What we do

Keep it simple

Inspired by the life of Swami Vivekananda PTS’s slogan is Gram Chhariye Biswa Pane (meaning: to reach across the world starting from village)

There are ~30 active members in the group. Most of them are school drop-out and involved in small time farming activity either on their own land or day labour in others farm. Over last couple of years their activities can be tracked in the following link: